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This 1989 Mitsubishi Eclipse Commercial Directly References Today's Eclipse

I’m not sure if the gravity of this has sunk in for you just yet, but the total eclipse of the sun expected to happen soonest after the birth of the Mitsubishi Eclipse is the one happening today. That’s right, today’s eclipse was the next total eclipse that the designers of the Eclipse would have eclipsed. Also, eclipse.


Don’t believe me? Here’s proof, in the form of this 1989 commercial:

“...until the year two thousand seventeen.” Man, everything sounded so much more futuristic back then.


So, when you’re out there today, smelling the appetizing sizzle of your retinas cooking, just really soak in the fact that you’re experiencing the eclipse that the people behind the Eclipse were imagining.


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Imagine you could go back in time and tell people making that ad about 2017.