This 1930s Voisin Will Classy The Shit Out Of You

Put away your Renoirs. Set aside your purebred horses. Leave Emma Watson at your country home. This Voisin C25 Aérodyne cruising around a British estate is about to classy the shit out of you.


Nothing mixes modernist lines with open curves as well as the Voisin, a company that got its start building airplanes, then moved on to aerodynamic cars. No other car has as quiet an internal combustion engine, thanks to its sleeve valves operating its six inline cylinders. No sunroof comes close to being as cool as the retractable top on this mid-thirties fastback, complete with portholes.

Like the C28 Aerosport that sits in the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, this C25 Aérodyne is one of the wildest, most freely designed cars in history. Watch the same guys who did a tug of war with two Ferrari F50s take it out for a gentle tour. It will make you a better human being.


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I was actually sad when this video ended.

New favorite pre-war (and maybe post-war too) car. The pics in the last Jalopnik article abiout the C25 did NOT show the two of the three best features of the car:

1. Round porthole sunroof

2. SLIDING ROOF (are you kidding me?!?)

Raph, you were right. This did make me a better human being.

Thank you.