My 1988 Peugeot 205 GTi, a lot of blood sweat and happy tears

Mr. Orlove forced me to become a Peugeot 205 GTi owner. Thanks Raphael. Really, thank you. I can now say from experience they're truly great cars. I bought mine in August this year, a car that provided a solid basis but which needed a lot of love. And love it received.
I haven't driven it that much just yet, but I… » 12/22/14 9:24am 12/22/14 9:24am

The Peugeot 205 GTI: Jalopnik Fantasy Garage

Why is it that seeing a beat-up Peugeot 205 GTI parked on a Parisian side street melted my brain into goop and nearly pulled my heart out of my chest? » 8/06/14 2:30pm 8/06/14 2:30pm

Lancia Delta Integrale: Jalopnik Fantasy Garage

There are faster ones. There are rarer ones and ones that are easier to maintain. But I'm not sure there's a better rally homologation special than the Lancia Delta Integrale. » 6/18/14 2:30pm 6/18/14 2:30pm

Pagani Zonda F: Jalopnik Fantasy Garage

Quite possibly the most beautiful, stunning sports racing cars in history were the Group C Le Mans cars of the 1980s and early '90s. So what if you took that kind of design, stuffed in a modern 602 horsepower V12, and lined the cockpit in leather? » 6/11/14 2:30pm 6/11/14 2:30pm

The Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: The Last Duesenberg

Every so often, a car comes along that blows your mind. Slightly less often, that car has an amazing story behind it. The last Duesenberg SJ is one of those cars, and this is one of those stories. » 5/07/10 4:00pm 5/07/10 4:00pm

The Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: First-Generation BMW M Coupe

The first-generation BMW M Coupe is a raw, angry sort of beast, the kind of asylum-think car we cannot help but love. It's a machine devoted solely to the art of being bonkers. Let's take a look at its credentials. » 3/26/10 3:30pm 3/26/10 3:30pm

Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: What Now?

We have finally filled the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage with a set of some of the most desirable, interesting, quirky, historic and noteworthy automobiles in the history of the art. This is not to say it is the definitive list of all things both fantasy and Jalopnik. A case in point was topping off the garage two weeks ago… » 5/13/08 12:30pm 5/13/08 12:30pm

1970 Chevrolet El Camino 454 Super Sport

Though many have been entered and some have been trimmed, we have only one space left in the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage. One more bay into which we may slide any dream machine we can think of. To this point it has been a journey of discovery, history, humor, debate, outrage and delight, but still there remains only one… » 4/29/08 12:40pm 4/29/08 12:40pm

Auto Union Type C

The LeMans-dominating Audi R10 is an incomparable engineering spectacle. Honed from the finest materials and tested by banks of supercomputers before the first part was even crafted, the LeMans Prototype car is only now being challenged three years after its birth by an improved Porsche RS Spyder. The irony here is… » 4/22/08 12:00pm 4/22/08 12:00pm

Morgan Aero 8

Perhaps now you understand the troubles we go through to select the lineup of the first 50 cars to fill the stalls of the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage. We presented to you theCaparo T1, warts and all, for consideration of the garage without the benefit of flowery prose or over the top hyperbole — the car itself is… » 4/16/08 1:20pm 4/16/08 1:20pm

JFG Postponed, Too Much SAE

Sorry kids, we knew you were looking to unleash the fire of a thousand suns on our latest selection for JFG and then vote it in anyway, but we're working our way through the scrum of the 2008 SAE World Congress to chat up the bigs and try to figure out if there's any news going on. Tune in tomorrow and we'll have the… » 4/15/08 12:29pm 4/15/08 12:29pm

Caparo T1

The question we continually circle around when examining this idea of a fantasy garage is 'What makes a fantasy car?' There are so many variables to consider; from the emotional impact, historical relevance, lusty body work, enviable performance, and so on, and so on. Certainly it is easy to rattle off a list of cars… » 4/08/08 12:30pm 4/08/08 12:30pm

Hot Hatch Showdown

With auto show season officially, mercilessly and thankfully over, the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage stands to be full in just six weeks. A short time by any standard, but especially so when distilling over a hundred years of automotive excellence into just 50 vehicles. Two weeks ago saw the induction of the Cadillac… » 3/25/08 1:00pm 3/25/08 1:00pm

Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

Well, you've done it again - voted into the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage another glass-and-steel piece of history which some, but not all, agree would make for a great addition: the Lotus Eleven. Last week saw no progress towards filling the garage due to Geneva Motor Show shenanigans, but that just gave us some extra time… » 3/11/08 12:40pm 3/11/08 12:40pm

Lotus Eleven

Though there was much gnashing of teeth over the Land Rover Defender last week, the British stalwart marched triumphant into the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, with a convincing 82.8%. We now have 43 slots down and a mere seven left to fill. Things are beginning to get tight, so let's move on to something better able to fit… » 2/26/08 12:00pm 2/26/08 12:00pm

Land Rover Defender

Last week saw a heated debate over the entry of the 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe. Was it beautiful or a mockery, art or excess, folly or fantastic? According to the votes, 80.3% of you believed it a worthy entrant, so those questions have an answer. Now we switch gears entirely, from a tribute to form… » 2/19/08 12:00pm 2/19/08 12:00pm

1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe

And then there were ten. With a completely expected shoo-in for JFG like the Porsche 959, the margin of acceptance standing at 95.1% is no surprise. Impressive yes, but still bested by the McLaren F1 and the Mercedes 300SL, though we suppose that to be good company to keep. Today's offering is far less well known,… » 2/12/08 12:30pm 2/12/08 12:30pm

Porsche 959

First production Porsche to top 300 kilometers per hour. On its own, a rather impressive standard to bear, but coupled to the tectonic shift in technology necessary to reach that milestone, the Porsche 959 stands as a true engineering masterpiece. The mythic beast that dominated many a boyhood bedroom poster wall came… » 2/01/08 12:32pm 2/01/08 12:32pm

Two Uber-Cars Drive the Green Mile

With the departure of the hairy but golden-penned Mr. Lieberman, I have been passed the torch of the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage. It is with honor and deference I accept this great undertaking. I hope to carry on where he left off, bringing you the best of the best in this galaxy of automobilia. Unfortunately, my first… » 1/31/08 3:00pm 1/31/08 3:00pm

Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: Double Execution Day

Four cars, two bullets. But where to aim? After two days worth of ruthless bickering enlightened discussion, you have selected the Fantasy Garage's four bottom feeders. First to act is the RUF RT12, the car that achieved the 2nd highest number of "out!" votes. Interestingly, this non-CTR Yellowbird RUF was also the… » 1/25/08 1:00pm 1/25/08 1:00pm