The Next Volkswagen Phaeton Will Start At $70,000 In America

We stupid, uncultured Americans were too busy inhaling stuffed-crust pizza and watching bad reality television to appreciate the Volkswagen Phaeton for the fine, luxurious work of art it was. However, Volkswagen is showing mercy on our inferior society by giving us another chance to the tune of about $70,000. »9/23/14 12:17pm9/23/14 12:17pm

Austrian Politician Jörg Haider Killed In Phaeton Crash, Driving Twice Speed Limit

Far-right politicians from Austria tend to get a lot of scrutiny from the rest of the world, for really obvious »10/13/08 8:00am10/13/08 8:00am historical reasons, and , long-time leader of Austria's nationalist Freedom Party, definitely made plenty of headlines. That's all over now, as the anti-immigrant Haider perished on Saturday when his…