These Might Be The Only Pictures Of The Mysterious And Rare Mosler J-10 Sport

Really, these are like Sasquatch pictures. But it's a lot easier to find pictures of a Sasquatch (or Wood Ape) on Google image search than this thing. And this Mosler J-10 Sport is about as scary: a six-wheeled chimera of a Jeep, Chevy S10 pickup, and small boat trailer.

The Mosler J-10 Sport was a one-off made by Mosler, the company that makes supercars and whose founder decided to run for president last year. While I haven't checked to see how his presidential bid panned out, this strange off-roader appears to be doing just fine, if a touch rusty, in the Caribbean.


As our helpful anonymous super-sleuth tells us:

Came across one of the only remaining and fully functioning Mosler J-10s. It is still be used in the Caribbean and is another great example of Mr. Mosler's innovative & creative car design. A fusion of Jeep / GM / & Chrysler parts yield a very appealing combination. It may take awhile to appreciate the design, but it eats speed bumps and is an excellent Island Cruiser.

Not many photographs remain of this vehicle, but here is a working example.

I'm sure that thing does eat speed bumps — hell, that looks like that may be the sole purpose of those extra front wheels. They even have their own special fairing, so they do seem pretty intentional. Do they steer with the normal front wheels? Is there really only one of these, or did they make a few? If they made many, why?

Actually, why not? I can think of a lot of worse ways to get around than this delightful confusemobile.


Anyone know any more about these things? There's not a lot of information out there and I'm quite curious.

UPDATE: Warren Mosler himself answers our questions! Here's the three questions I asked him:

1. Is this the only one of these?


2. How does that steering work? To the frontmost auxiliary wheels steer?

The 4 forward wheels turn roughly in parallel

3. What, exactly, was the original goal of this vehicle?

Smooth ride over rough roads and no roll/shake

and one bonus question:

One last question — are you going to fix that flat, or what?

On my to do list!

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