Now You, Too, Can Own One Of The Weirdest Vanity Cars Ever Made

The Consulier GTP is one of the weirdest cars ever to come out of one of the weirdest countries, the United States of America (there is one normal country, Belgium). Made by an economist who later ran for President, it's got big overhangs and tiny wheels. Here's one you can buy for the price of a Honda Civic. »12/22/13 2:13pm12/22/13 2:13pm


Exclusive! Roadgoing Mosler Delivered to George Lucas

The first production Mosler supercar has been delivered to none other than George Lucas himself. While Moslers burn up race tracks the world over, this is the first street-legal model delivered to the roads of America. Mr. Lucas had the Mosler specially outfitted with spoiler delete, custom black paint scheme, and… »12/20/06 3:08pm12/20/06 3:08pm