Carbon Fiber/Magnesium Mags on Mosler MT900!

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You know kids, oldsters call custom wheels mags for a reason. Because they were made of that most awesomely lightweight and flammable metals, magnesium. We remember once hanging out at a Miller Welding booth during a trade show with a guy who did a lot of mag welding. "How do you do that without the whole thing going up in flames?"

"Oh, if it caught fire, I'd just toss it in a bucket of argon. Now I've actually got an argon-shielded cabinet. But the other way works fine, too."


This man also was very calm when talking about breaking many bones while crashing racing cars, so your mileage may vary.

Magnesium is the realm of the crazy; the insane, the wacko. It recalls Don Garlits, Dan Gurney, Ronnie James Dio and Romeo Palomides. The cowl of the Buick LeSabre concept car was a massive magnesium casting, and well, that was one of the most crazy-go-nuts concept cars ever. And now, Warren Mosler's MT900 supercar will be available with carbon fiber/magnesium wheels. Warren Mosler, of course, is famously crazy-go-nuts. Meanwhile, we would much rather have these wheels than anything encrusted in diamonds. Even if we don't get the free Bentley.

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