Mosler Supercar Gets UK Distribution

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Britishers of worth will soon have a new, six-figure supercar with which to peel the parsnips, as it were. (No, we have no idea what it means.) US-based Mosler inked an agreement with the UK's largest TVR dealer, Racing Green Cars, to provide ample supply of MT900S models, Mosler's Corvette Z06-powered road cars. Weighing a mere 2200 lbs, the 435hp MT900S (the civilian model of the racing MT900R) can leap to 60mph in a fox-like 3.5 seconds, and reach a hound-thwarting 200mph. The cars will cost $179,130, and owners can watch them being crafted by ex-members of Budgie at the company's Norfolk plant.

Corvette-Powered Mosler MT 900S Supercar Gets US Certification [internal]


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