Warren Mosler recently sold Mosler Automotive, makers of the MT900. The company will be renamed Rossion Motorcars, marking the end of an era. But before doing that, in the last three decades he managed to build cars that could outrun anything.

As a European, I don't know that much about Moslers. I'm familiar with their certain look, I know they are light racecars for the road with GM V8s, and I know the company was never too successful financially. I also read once from the pen of a supercar owner that his Mosler was the most reliable car in the garage shared with Ferraris and other European royalty.

What I didn't know was that Mosler's Consulier GTP was the first production car with no structural metal back in 1985, and that they got banned from racing just for being faster than anybody around.


With Warren Mosler taking it easier from now on, what do you think the future holds for America's lightweight supercars?

Photo credit: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ]