Photographer William Anthony has teamed up with Washington’s LeMay - America’s Car Museum for a portrait series that lets us look our cars in the eye.

Anthony explains the rationale behind the exhibit:

To encourage more “non-car people” into the museum, which actually has so much more than just cars on display, I came up with a concept that takes advantage of the popular social media hashtag “#iseefaces.” The success of PIXAR’s CARS led me to look for faces in the LeMay collection. I was not disappointed.

Eventually, myself and an assistant shot 32 cars total over two early mornings, before the museum opened, and the results are pretty fun. I photographed them using lenses and lighting that accent just the front of the car—headlights as eyes, grill as mouth. Some faces were pretty obvious. Others are more subtle. The eras of each car really color the “personalities” of each vehicle. 50s cars look like greasers, 70s sleds look like hustlers.

If you’re interested in seeing more of these portraits, the museum will be posting one of these portraits on Instagram and Twitter every week for the next year.

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