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These Are Your Worst Auto Parts Store Experiences

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Picture this: You’ve got something wonky going on with your car or you just need a new set of wiper blades, or a quart of oil or blinker fluid. Whatever. You head down to your nearby auto parts store, filled with enthusiasm at the thought of solving your problem. Sometimes you’re successful. Sometimes you aren’t.


Last week, I asked you guys for the worst auto parts store experience you’ve ever had. I got a lot of comments about nightmarish practices—from both sides of the counter.

A few things to point out: There’s definite value in doing your own research before going to the store. Just show up with the relevant parts numbers. Print out pictures if you have to. Take as much of the guesswork out of the process as you can. And also understand that many of these auto parts stores are limited in that their employees must follow a certain protocol with each customer, even if it makes zero sense.


Other than that, let ‘er rip!

Any 350 (BHP)

Since they’re all the same, right?

It’s Right Here (MHarrisEP)

It is in front of your face.


Actually (GasMan)

This sounds like a good deal to have.


Spark Plugs (Digitalsolo)

I can see them right there.


Time To Transfer (RJnovak)



Walk Away (atomicalex)

You don’t need that noise.


Sexist Idiots (Montego Murph)

La la la la la I love it.


No Vin No Deal (OldManMcKenna)

You want a VIN? I’ll give you a VIN.


Tire Rack (Corinthian Leatherface)

They give you... rejected product... yeah.


Tricky Corolla (Corolla All The Things)

No, he’s right: They never made RWD Corollas. DUH.


Backwards (LTT)

And missed out on Valentine’s Day!


DNE (smmy15643)

Your car does not exist.