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Cars are fun on their own, but what’s the point if you can’t share them with other people? Have good discussions? Share a laugh about head gaskets?

Last week, I asked you guys about which car cultures were the most fun to be a part of. Which have the people with the best sense of humor? Who is most welcoming? No snobbery allowed!


I think besides the Volvo crowd I mentioned last week, track day people are also some of the best. After I royally screwed up my first track day and spun off course, I separated my back left tire from the rim. I got towed back to the pits, filled with shame.

Some very helpful people came by and kindly reassured me that everyone spins off at least once, helped me jack my car up and swapped on the spare wheel with an impact wrench they’d brought. Which was way easier than doing it with a tire iron myself!

Let’s see what you came up with.

The Van People (i86hotdogs)

Sounds like a lot of fun, with plenty of place to chill!


The Ford Festiva People (thisvelologist)

I love it when it gets this specific.


The Rally People (REXlove)

Rally people just want you to be as excited as they are.


The Microcar People (Jonee)

No power? No problem.


The Volkswagen People (ZigZagZulu)

Big spectrum of stuff to chat about.


Two Cars (dannyzabolotny)

Both great groups of cars!


The Miata People (MikeHerbst)

It’s always... the... answer?


The Z-Cars People (JC06Z33)

One of the best letters of the alphabet to get behind.


The Shade Tree Mechanics (freakinginternet)

I wish I had a garage for this.


The Volvo People (boxrocket)



The Carspotting People (marshknute)

See all the cars.


The Tercel People (Orange Torana)

Great stories.


The Autocross People (AkursedX)

You meet some great friends here.


The Off-Roaders (jvbftw)

That end-of-day celebration sounds worth it.


The Mini People (Mini_Fanatic)

With an appropriate username.


The Drifters (Yes I drive a 240... Sort of)

It’s about having fun.


The Skoda People (J45ON)

Not common here in the U.S.

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