Tell Us About Your Worst Auto Parts Store Experience

Our friend Jack, buying stuff.
Our friend Jack, buying stuff.
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

It seems like going to the auto parts store can sometimes be hit or miss. When it’s great, it’s great! But when it’s bad, oh God, it’s terrible.


Here’s what happened to our very own David Tracy once. He had to go to a local NAPA Auto Parts to have his friend’s cylinder head checked for cracks, since he was burning through coolant.

A few days later, NAPA return the head and said, “Yup, it’s all good. No cracks.”

David double-checked the serial number on the side of the cylinder head just to make sure and realized that it wasn’t the original part that he had dropped off. They had given his head—which was cracked, by the way—to another customer. And then they gave David that customer’s un-cracked head. The poor customer was about to have to buy a new cylinder head for his Jeep Grand Cherokee and David was about to make out like a bandit.

Eventually, David went back into the shop and told them what happened. They called the other customer in and swapped out their heads. David wound up having to buy a $400 refurbished one.

What about you? What’s your worst auto parts store story?

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