These Are the Most Embarrassing Things You've Done with Your Car

A beautiful Citroen.
A beautiful Citroen.
Screenshot: Pimp My Ride: International Edition
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

We’ve all been there. We have an idea that we think is absolutely incredible, only to realize what a hot disaster we’ve actually created. With cars come plenty of those ridiculous ideas—the most embarrassing of which we’re going to cringe at here.

Fast Impressions (NYankee1927)

Definitely secretly impressed.


Rain Drop, Drop Top (arach)

You poor, misguided soul.

Getting Sporty (Jan Quadrant Vincent)

It’s okay, I’m sure you weren’t the only one.


Peachy Keen (lackofsituationalawareness-again)

While there’s nothing wrong with pink, this definitely must have been A Regrettable Look.


It’s Certainly the 80s (DonVanSin)

This went a whole different direction than I was expecting.


Flea Market Mix Tape (geeps)

I wish I could have seen this with my own two eyes.


Aftermarket Disaster (hoser68)

I’m so sorry you thought this was a good idea.


Get Low (G_Body_Man)

But what was the original intention here?


Slick Disaster (Verhaa)

Mistakes are how we learn!

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In highschool my buddy had a teal 93 Cavalier Z24 coupe. Put this awful body kit on it, underglow lights, a giant aluminum wing with fart can, chrome Lexani wheels, chrome pin striping, and on the windshield in chrome lettering it said Bling Bling. The doesnt even count the interior with all the while and yellow painted stuff, rope lighting on the dash, black lights, and the whole rear seat was Cerwin Vega subs......