What's the Most Embarrassing Thing You've Tried to Do with Your Car?

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Photo: Rob Swystun (Wikimedia Commons)

Doing dumb shit with (and to) cars is a near universally enjoyed pastime. Where there is a vehicle, there is also potential—but unfortunately, that potential doesn’t always result in something to be proud of. If this sounds like it could be you, then this is your time to shine.


This can be just about anything: embarrassing things you’ve done to, in, or with your car. I just know some of y’all out there have fancied yourself a top-level racer or designer in your daily driver. And we want to hear about your most cringe-worthy moments.

Personally, I can’t recall anything particularly ridiculous I’ve done to one of my own cars, but I did have a friend in high school who thought wrapping his giant truck in Monster logos was going to be a smart idea. He was so proud of himself when he rolled up to school the Monday after he had it done, and I’ll admit that plenty of the other guys thought it was the greatest thing they’d ever seen. The downside? No girl would be caught dead in a machine that had basically turned into a tacky advertisement on wheels.

Don’t worry—we won’t judge you too hard.

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In high school I did FWD burnouts and handbrake turns to try and impress girls. It didn’t work, they must have been secretly impressed.