There's One Problem With These Ferrari F430 Donuts

Let me just say that Ferrari burnouts are among the rarest burnouts in the world, so I am extremely happy to see this F430 droptop smoking its rear tires. But there's just one problem with it.


The best part about Ferrari burnouts is knowing that there is at least one Ferrari owner who isn't a stuck up snob who only drives the car three weekends out of the year, and even then it's to some nightclubs and back. A Ferrari burnout means that at least one Ferrari owner rags on the car like it deserves.

But this burnout was done by GTEMOCIÓN, a supercar rental service.

Maybe it will inspire more rich hoons to thrash their Ferraris, like that one Australian who did it on a $500 bet.


(Hat tip to Nibbs, the Nibbled!)

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Hoon so hard it had to be a rental.