Ferraris are sometimes fragile machines that roast engines as well as they roast tires. It takes a bold owner to do a burnout in one. That or you just have to bet him $500 that he won't do it.


Reader FalconHoon tells the story of this 430 doing burnouts for a bet Down Under.

At Powercruise 29 (Massive burnout, drag car, drift party 2011) a few Ferrari owners brought their pride and joy out. Well, Gup (The organiser who owns a 747ci Commodore) decided to rile them up a bit "I'm offering $500 to any of you pansies who will do a burnout in your Ferrari."

He hadn't counted on Sam, who responded, "Fuck that Gup, you can keep your money, I do this shit for free."

Now that's our kind of supercar owner.

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