Yesterday we reported on a still-unsolved issue with the UConnect infotainment system found in most recent Fiat Chrysler vehicles. The issue causes the system to reboot every minute or so, which is incredibly annoying, to say the least. This temporary work-around will at least keep the system from rebooting, if nothing else.


The sort-of-fix comes to us from our pals over at Hooniverse, who did the only smart thing you can do in this situation and reached out to another one of our pals, Bozi Tatarevic, who found this tweet:

So, if you have a Jeep or Chrysler or some other FCA product and are being driven mad by the constant reboots and the inaccessibility of so many of your car’s features, try this: After the reboot, act fast and go to the navigation screen.

Once there, put any destination in the nav, start it, and then mute the nav. That will keep the system from rebooting. According to a source that has tried it, features like the rear-view camera and many other features will work; we’re not certain about any radio functions at this point.


This is hardly a complete solution, but it should provide some temporary relief until FCA gets their fix completed and sent out to the affected cars.

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