There Are Now More Uber Cars In NYC Than Yellow Taxis

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New York City continues its path towards becoming rich people Disneyland as there are now more Uber cabs in the city than actual yellow cabs.


The news comes from a recent Taxi and Limousine Commission report, tallying Uber cars at 14,088 and yellow cabs at 13,587.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever talked to a cabbie, who has probably gone on at length about how being an Uber driver pays better with longer rides to more expensive neighborhoods and decent chances of big fares. the New York Post quotes two drivers in their article on this story. The Uber driver they interview made $85,000 a year after expenses. The medallion-equipped yellow cab driver? $35,000.

What this study does not appear to include is the number of non-medallion/non-Uber hire cars that illegally pick up fares. There's hope that New York City has not lost all of its charm yet.

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I don't know about Uber in NY, but here in LA, Uber cars and drivers are cleaner, nicer, and cheaper than a cab. I can get an Uber in 5 minutes. A cab can take up to two hours if it shows up at all.