There are thousands of private tuners that will ruin any car with a horrible bodykit. Jalopnik readers know ten factory kits that outdo the worst of the aftermarket.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

To have a truly awful bodykit you should have a trifecta of terrible qualities: the bodykit itself should be excessively ugly, the car should be woefully un-sporty, and the bodykit should be entirely non-functional.

There are a few ugly-ass spoilers we left off this list (Ford Mustang Cobra R, Porsche 996 GT3 Mk.2) because even though they looked like they came from a JC Whitney catalog, at least they were functional.


We'll also mention that we wanted nothing but the most aggressively horrible bodykits on this list, so we left off the Toyota Corolla S, which is just a few pieces of plastic blued to the bottom of a Corolla. Sure it's an affront to everything we love about performance cars, but it's so bland itself that we couldn't bear to give it any recognition whatsoever. Getting on a top ten list is too high an honor for that beige turd.

Get your barf bags ready.

Photo Credit: Toyota


10.) Toyota Cavalier TRD

Yes, Toyota sold a rebadged Cavalier in Japan. Yes, you could order it with a side of rice.

Suggested By: Freind of Fast 21, Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Toyota


9.) Dodge Stratus R/T

Dodge pulled the wing off of some methhead's Pontiac Sunfire and stuck it onto the back of an ‘06 Stratus. The worst part is that the car still looked boring as shit.


Suggested By: pauljones, Photo Credit: Dodge


8.) Prius TRD Sportivo

A sporty Prius, huh. Toyota really knows how to bring the excitement.

Suggested By: TokyoBayAquaLine, Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Toyota


7.) Every '90s Pontiac

There were many reasons why the storied Pontiac brand was killed. Haha, we kid. It was entirely because of plastic body cladding in the 1990s (though they sold the above Grand Am through 2005).


Suggested By: reverberocket, Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pontiac


6.) Nissan 350/370Z Nismo

Nissan's sports cars have a huge aftermarket for bodykits and things. Nissan wanted to get in on that action. Unfortunately, they gave their cars duckfaces.

Suggested By: foxbody, Photo Credit: Nissan


5.) Toyota Harrier Zagato

Toyota went to legendary Italian design house Zagato of all places to spruce up their Japanese-market Lexus crossover. You never knew this thing existed until now, and we encourage you to forget about it immediately.


Suggested By: Pessimippopotamus, Photo Credit: Toyota


4.) Jeep Renegade

At the height of the street SUV craze, Jeep hopped on the bandwagon with this pile of melted plastic. So much fender!

Suggested By: waveridin1959, Photo Credit: Jeep


3.) 1988 Holden SS Commodore Group A SV

Down in Australia they called this homologation special the Plastic Pig. Apt.

Suggested By: LandofMinos, Photo Credit: Holden


2.) Subaru Impreza S201

This generation of Subaru looks so good stock. It takes some serious work to make it look this bad.


Suggested By: Tofuman, Photo Credit: Subaru


1.) Pontiac G6 GXP "Street Edition"

The horror. The horror.

Suggested By: Trunk Impaired 318, Photo Credit: Pontiac