What’s The Worst Factory Bodykit?

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Many car buyers love to ruin, er, sorry, "enhance the performance of" their vehicles by adding some tacky aftermarket scoops and vents to it. But some automakers will sell you a horrible bodykit fresh from the factory!

Unless you've added so much power that you need additional cooling, or you need a splitter on the front of your track-day Renault Avantime. And yet, no amount of reason will stop people from messing around with the looks and the aerodynamics of their cars. Automakers caught on, and decided to start selling you the ugly add-ons straight from the factory. Who does it worst?


The final generation Toyota Celica didn't look good in any form, but the top-of-the-line GT-S came with this weird bodykit that made it look more like a Fiero kit car than something from the world's second largest automaker.

I've been outside before, however, so I know there are ever more horrendous bodykits out there. Which is the worst one you pick up off a dealer lot, either today or in the past? Let us know in the comments.


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Photo Credit: BMW