The Vencer Sarthe Is A Dutch GT With A Big Ol' American V8 In The Back

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Have you ever heard of the Vencer Sarthe from the Netherlands? We have, sort of. Apparently, it exists, comes with a Hennessey V8, a six-speed manual and no traction control. The Dutch Noble?


The list of Dutch cars is a rather short one. It usually starts with Donkervoort and finishes with Spyker. Now, here comes Vencer, and their fast two-seater is bit of surprise to say the least.


You would expect a supercar built by an unknown boutique manufacturer that just left the vaporware cloud to be, well, rubbish. Big power, big noise, big fire hazard.

Yet Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe found the Vencer Sarthe to be superbly engineered and well refined.

With a Hennessey-tuned supercharged V8 producing 622 horsepower and 618 lb ft, the manual gearbox from a Ford GT, a carbon body and the chassis made of aluminum and 41xx steel to keep weight down to 3,240 pounds, the Sarthe is an oldschool beast with no electronic nannies except for the ABS.

But is it fast enough to justify its roughly $400,000 price tag? Maybe that doesn't matter. Fast GTs are more enjoyable on the road anyway.


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Where do all of these Ford GT transmissions come from? Have that many crashed that there is a stockpile left over or are they still being manufactured and "from a Ford GT" means "made from the Ford GT specs"?