The Unending Beauty Of The Pagani Zonda

Video Credit: Thaddeus Brown

While the Pagani Zonda first showed its shape to the world in the last century, it still remains one of the most striking supercars on the planet. It is an unending beauty. Fittingly, here’s an unending loop of Pagani’s Zonda R.

I personally think the Zonda F is the most perfectly wonderful expression of the Zonda’s styling, but there’s no question the R is the most extreme expression of the car’s howling id.


It’s like a Group C race car, if Group C never ended. Please let more of these thoughts swirl around as you gaze at this perfect turntable loop, posted to Instagram by the great Thaddeus Brown.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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My professor in college worked for Pagani on the F as an apprentice and designed the R (he made the initial illustrations which was pretty cool for an entry level designer, seeing all the layers of each component in photoshop designed from scratch) . In fact, I remember giving him a ride home from class one day because he was so tired from working 22 hour days teaching and designing for them via email/phone in Italy on the R.

He said the biggest stress factor was trying to make the car look clean and exotic when the engineering was so strict on performance and aerodynamics to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini. They had to keep re-using the similar chassis template and there wasn’t a lot of leeway to make beautiful curves or redesign the whole chassis every model (wind tunnel testing is expensive...). All the small parts are generally outsourced and had to be made for as cheap as they could get them to try and make some sort of profit on the cars, which is very difficult for a super/hypercar market, and hence why the cars kind of looked pieced together in areas like the headlights, mirrors, interior pieces, etc.

Say what you will about the design, but they have fought very hard over the years to compete on the level they are today and a lot of design exploration had to be overlooked due to budget and using a “safe” chassis template that they knew worked (even on a car that expensive). Although I still think it is one of the most visually striking cars that have been made in the past 20 years. I will always respect Pagani for branching out against the top supercar makers and the work they’ve put in to get there. Definitely can’t wait to see where they are 10 years from now.