Soak In Two Pagani Zonda Revolucions Right In Front Of Your Face

We've already heard what one Pagani Zonda Revolucion sounds like from a distance, but that video didn't do the twelve thrusting and pulsating pistons any justice. It was too far away, like listening to a Van Halen concert from a nearby highway. Now here's two and a half minutes of pure, unadulterated, up-close Zondas.


The always-prescient Marchettino was able to get way too close to the Zonda Revolucions on the track, so the result is copious amounts of personal time with two Italian race cars. And there isn't any better personal time than that.

The Mercedes-AMG V12 starts out at almost a low buzz, before ascending through a serious of growls to a top-end shriek. Everything about is brutal, from just the way it sets off to the way every gear change is slammed into place.

If God was feeling generous, he'd give everyone on the planet one of these.

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