The Mazda Miata has dominated the small, open top rear-drive market for nearly 25 years now. It's a personal favorite of mine as well as many on staff here. But the Toyobaru twins have been able to match it on the fun to drive scale. They just didn't have that open top flair.

Until now.

The Toyota FT-86 Open Concept is a barely disguised look at what a convertible Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S and possibly a Subaru BRZ roadster will look like.

This concept comes with an electrically folding soft top. It also has an iPhone holder in the interior in the shape of the 86.

Smart Toyota. Smart.

We imagine it has the same flat four under the hood with 200 horsies and has gained a little bit of heft from the needed added stiffening.


I think it looks pretty good. Not Miata good, but I'm very biased.

We'll see the real deal next week at the Geneva Motor Show.