Doing a burnout is the most idiot-proof way to show off your car's power. My grandma could do one, it's so easy. There is positively no way to mess up a burnout...

10.) Burnout So Hard The Wheel Comes Off

Burnouts are supposed to be easy on your car's mechanicals, right?

Suggested By: GR1M RACER

9.) Z06 Crashes While Doing A Burnout

Like, there's no way anything could go wrong in a simple burnout. The car hardly even moves!

Suggested By: Maxximtl

8.) BMW Driver Nearly Runs Friend Over

You can't even go fast while you're doing a burnout.

Suggested By: EssExTee

7.) Ute Burnout Goes Offroading

If anything, you just go straight. It's not like you need much control.

Suggested By: Twintur Bob MW

6.) SRT-4 Learns Clutches Aren't Tires

And it's as easy as nailing the revs and dropping the clutch.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce

5.) Motorcycles Can Burnout, Too

Even motorcycles can do burnouts.

Suggested By: McLarry

4.) Camaro One Tire Fire Explosion

If you've got rear-wheel drive there really isn't any way you can screw things up.


Suggested By: 6cyl

3.) SRT4 Learns Clutches Aren't Tires Part Two

Just wait for the tires to spin (very easy to tell) and you're good to go.

Suggested By: CarlitoBenito

2.) Z06 Learns Clutches Aren't Tires

If you've got a Corvette, phew, burnouts are like, so easy man. You can do them whenever, wherever.


Suggested By: McLarry

1.) Dodge Ram SRT10 Rollover

Trucks are probably the easiest for burnouts, though. Especially if your truck has a big engine. There's nothing to even go wrong.


Suggested By: Rainbow Dash

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