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The Rumors of a Porsche 928 Return Are Getting Hot Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Hardly a month goes by in the automotive world without a rumor of Porsche reviving a front-engine V8 four-seater lux coupe based on a shortened Panamera platform. Since the Panamera launched in 2010, the big Porsche sedan has prompted the rumors. In fairness to Porsche, the Panamera is an excellent car, and has only gotten better with recent years. It’s packed with tech, it’s fast, it’s got heaps of grip and drives like a car half its weight. This platform would spawn a BMW 8-series fighter coupe.

The most recent round of rumors was kicked off by Autocar 
as it reports that Porsche has been endeavoring toward a 928 redux. As with all things Porsche, nobody at the company will confirm or deny any rumors about future product, so we aren’t likely to hear any hard confirmation about such a thing happening. That won’t stop everyone from asking.


As such, Autocar asked Porsche’s design boss Michael Mauer, the designer for the original Panamera.

Mauer said, “As a designer there are no limits to what I can conceive. I believe it is the design department’s role to sketch and consider every model it can for the future so that we are ready should anyone wish to pursue a project. But if you are asking me to confirm if such projects are on the way then you are going to be disappointed. It is not my role to consider such things.”


It’s unlikely that such a car would even carry the 928 name, as it would probably be a Panamera Coupe. Through the grapevine it sounds like plans are under way for such a thing to happen, but it might bank on Bentley developing a car on the same shortened platform to amortize the cost of developing such a car.

While we’re talking rumors, I’d like to see this same platform attributed to Lamborghini. It’s been far too long since Lambo has had a nice four-seat front-engine car. It is my opinion that the greatest Lamborghini product of all time is the Espada, and I’d love to see a new one, no matter how impractical that is.

For the time being, enjoy the rumors and consider what a new Panamera short boy 928 might look like. Autocar has an excellent rendering which looks much like a 928 lopped off after the front door and the back half of a 911 stuck to it. Check it out.