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Demand For A Panamera Convertible Is Further Proof That Panamera Fans Must Be Blind

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Porsche Panamera is a car so visually offensive, even Porsche’s CEO thinks they could’ve done better. If the Panamera were a person, it would be the victim of a fake-doctor who injected cement into their butt. Now we have further proof that its fans must be blind or something: there’s demand for a convertible Panamera.


New Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer told Motor1 that coupe and convertible versions of the Panamera are the most requested models outside their current lineup. While Motor1 believes that any two-door Panamera variations wouldn’t be coming until after the next-generation Panamera goes on sale, Zellmer sees potential for the cars to compete with the BMW 6 Series.

A Panamera coupe might be interesting, if it would end up a little shorter and better proportioned than the sedan. You know, like a 911, or given the engine placement, more like a modern 928.


A convertible Panamera, though?


On one hand, hacking off the roof might help! It wouldn’t look so lumpy without the huge, bloated rear pillar in the way. The transition to its bustle-butt its biggest problem. Remove the roof and there’s no transition—just one solid, long turd-shaped car.

But then you need a convertible top for when it rains.

Cars with this much passenger space to cover with a ragtop without the old-school long hoods and trunks that balance them out often look fine enough with the top down, but atrocious anytime you need to put the top up.


The second you had to put that even lumpier, more awkward fabric roof up, you’d take one look and push the entire car into the nearest river.

Without shortening Porsche’s hunchback behemoth and calling it something radically different like “911 Carrera Cabriolet,” I really don’t see this looking any better than Nissan’s attempt to make a two-door convertible out of its four-door Murano, or that Subaru WRX STi with its roof cut off.


Regardless, if your eyes don’t quite work right but they still somehow gave you a driver’s license, you may have a weirdo convertible to upgrade to after your Murano CrossCabriolet falls apart.

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