The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts, Part 5: UK Encourages Less Meat Consumption

One of Los Jalops has been a vegetarian for nearly exactly twelve years now. At the time, he drove a V8 automobile. Twelve years later, he still drives a V8 automobile. That is to say, he's sort of a hypocrite, yet with the amount he actually drives said V8 automobile, coupled with his reduced appetite for methane-emitting agricultural beasts, he's pretty sure he's got the moral edge on rich people who slum in hybrids while tanking up once a week and dine early and often at Ruth's Chris. Apparently, a British government agency has decided that in the fight against climate change, the nation's citizenry should be gently pressured into eating fewer bangers and topping off their mash with a tad bit less butter. Needless to say, we're sure the cattle lobby in the UK is hopping mad.

Eat less meat to save planet: British official [Reuters via Slate]

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