The Rest Of That Ken Block Top Gear Segment Is As Good As You Hoped It Would Be

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

A long-ass time ago, the revamped and Clarkson & Co-less Top Gear aired. There was a segment where Ken Block hooned around London with Matt LeBlanc. It was kind of short and not long enough at all. Today, the BBC released the Extended Director’s Cut of the segment.


It’s 10 minutes long. Is that something you can handle? Also, how is this not Gymkhana No. Whatever We’re On?

I know they got into some trouble when this was shot, but when it’s in the name of entertainment, there are no rules, right? That’s how it goes?

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Scott Swenson

That this wasn’t part of the series is criminal. Matt’s straight guy was perfect, putting this right there with May’s ride with Block.

I know Ken gets shit because he’s not the caliber of a John Buffum, just some rich dude playing with cars.
He’s living the goddamn dream and sharing it with us. He could put all his cash in some Wall Street safe house, instead, he does what I hope I would do if I could - build an outrageous 4-wheel monster, rip up places that shouldn’t be, and share it with Jalops all over the world. He’s entertaining. That car is Satan inCARnate. Seeing the smoke blowing off all 4 tires, flames and cracks out the pipe on each upshift. Yeh. That shit is what it is all about.
He’s a nice guy, too.