The Automobile Club de l'Ouest released its at-large invites to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Wayne Taylor Racing received one of them. Only problem: the team's Daytona Prototype isn't eligible to run at Le Mans. So, the team is looking at picking up an LMP2-class car. Sweet.

LMP2 is the prototype class just below the top-level LMP1 prototypes at Le Mans.

Newly de-mulleted comedic genius and adorable kitty cat enthusiast Jordan Taylor was already set to run Le Mans with Corvette Racing in 2015, so brother Ricky Taylor would likely run in his place for the Pro-Am LMP2 entry Wayne Taylor Racing has been granted. Team veteran Max Angelelli would probably be the third driver.


Interestingly enough, Ricky made his Le Mans debut in an LMP2 this year, driving the Larbre Competition Morgan-Judd last year.

So, when the Tudor United SportsCar officials picked Wayne Taylor Racing to go to Le Mans out of its Prototype class racers, they were just ensuring that the whole Taylor family gets to go.

The Taylors' lack of an LMP2-class car, however, is a significant stumbling block, but clearly, it's not the end of the world.


"I'm working on putting a program together to do it," Wayne Taylor said to Sportscar365. "We got the offer and it's always difficult to get an entry to Le Mans, but it's still in the very early planning stages."

Not many teams who receive one of the automatic entries end up using it. Wayne puts the teams chances of making it there in time at about 50% at the moment, but it's clear that he really wants to do it.

"It would be fantastic if we could return to Le Mans," he said to Sportscar365. "When I won Le Mans in 1998, it was with the entire team, so this would be great. Everybody loves to go to Le Mans."


The team is set to run its Corvette Daytona Prototype in the Tudor United SportsCar series in 2015. (And no, they don't care if you don't like that.)


Coincidentally, many of the DP haters bemoaned TUSC's decision to keep the Daytona Prototypes in competition against the P2 ALMS cars because of the DPs' lack of a place at Le Mans, should a situation just like this occur. Here's hoping it works out anyway for WTR to run because those guys are hilarious. I don't care what they run as long as they're there.

Fellow TUSC competitors Scuderia Corsa were the other at-large pick from the series. They earned a GTE-Am entry, and will likely team up with World Endurance Championship team AF Corse to use Bill Sweedler's Ferrari F458 Italia GT.

The full list of at-large entries granted can be found here, and it includes additional teams from the European Le Mans and Asian Le Mans series as well as teams who have run the 24 Hours of Le Mans before.


Photo credits: Getty Images