Who's Got The Best Haircut In Racing?

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I suppose you could say that here at Jalopnik we're Jordan Taylor fans. He not only runs a hilarious Twitter account, he's also blindingly fast, seeing as how he was last year's Grand-Am champion in the Daytona Prototype class. But I'm more a fan of his mullet.


Sadly, though, I don't think I could ever be as big a fan of Jordan's mullet, as Jordan is of his mullet:


He even uses his mullet as a pickup line, telling all the ladies to "meet the mullet." Though it's not just narcissim – he even likes other people's mullets:


In fairness, those are pretty glorious mullets.

Jordan is racing today in the 24 Hours at Daytona, so we'll see how much power the mullet truly beholds. I'm betting it's a lot.


It's unlikely, but maybe Jordan's mullet isn't the best racing haircut of all time. Who do you think sets the highest bar?

Photo credit: Wayne Taylor Racing



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