The Queen Mary Might Have A Chance After All. Maybe.

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The RMS Queen Mary has been neglected. After its most recent owner left the ship in disrepair, it seemed no one would step up to save the old girl. That may change though, as the L.A. Times reports that the city of Long Beach has finally stepped up to take control of the ship.

Two reports, one from a few weeks ago and one from 2017, found the great trans-Atlantic ocean liner needs a total of $304 million in repairs to remain viable. $23 million of that is repairs that need to be done immediately. No one has stepped up, though, to commit to the work. The ship’s last leaseholder, Urban Commons, operated the ship under a company called Eagle Hospitality. They had big plans for the ship, but after taking on over $500 million in debt, the company filed for bankruptcy in January. The city accused Urban Commons of defaulting on terms of the lease, which included the upkeep of the ship.

Things may get better for the ship though. The city has agreed to take full control of the ship. In a statement, Mayor Robert Garcia made it seem as if the city is eager to get the ship right.

“For the first time in decades, Long Beach has full control of the Queen Mary. We will be fully engaged in the preservation of this historic landmark and are incredibly grateful for this opportunity.”


The city’s action plan calls for an immediate agreement between the city and the ship’s caretaker called Evolution Hospitality. A city council meeting tomorrow will approve the contract. Annoyingly though, the city is only considering authorizing half a million dollars to “begin testing and design work for the most critical repairs recommended in recent inspections, including bulkhead repairs, lifeboat removal, and the installation of an emergency generator, temporary bilge pumps, and water intrusion warning systems.” Hopefully, the city doesn’t drag its feet on this.