The Post Whereby We Welcome AutoWeek to the "Embargoes Suck" Bandwagon

Yes, it's official, Auto Week hates embargoes as much as those of us here in the automotive blogosphere despise them. In an editorial written in the wake of the silliness that was Chrysler's embargo strategy on the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 reveal for the Chicago Auto Show, Dutch Mandel, the hard-charging editor of AutoWeek, echoes our pleas from last week. Quick summary: The auto industry needs to let the embargoes go and bring the "show" back to auto shows. We welcome Dutch & Co. to the trenches — they've got themselves a seat here next to us. Heck, we've even got room for guys like Marty Padgett over at The Car Connection. We're still waiting for others with the necessary intestinal fortitude to join the fight — but we think Motor Trend may not have the thick skin we once thought they had. Pity. [AutoWeek]


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