The Porsche Design Tower Lets You Park Your Porsche In Your Porsche

Porsche Design is the division of Porsche that lets you buy plenty of useless crap, like a pipe, except now it has the honored distinction of having the word "Porsche" written on the side. But for the discerning billionaire, a pipe is simply not enough. Enter the Porsche Design Tower.


To be fair, I do believe the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida, is the first product from Porsche Design that actually has some sort of appeal. Not only will it be full of luxury condos with up to 17,000 square feet, but it comes with three car elevators that will deposit you, and your requisite Porsche, right into the glassed-in garage attached directly to your apartment. Which is nice.

Of course, because the Porsche Design Tower is branded by Porsche Design, it must be expensive, though in this case maybe not ridiculously so, considering the car elevator. Each of the 132 apartments goes for between $4,000,000 and $32,000,000, which is basically the price of a studio in Manhattan.


But all that shouldn't matter, as 22 billionaires have already put down deposits, according to The Atlantic Cities. Although it does help when you're hawking these things at gatherings for Bugatti owners.

A little under 100 of the units have been sold already, which means there should be plenty left. But with Porsche Design recording a 45% increase in sales, maybe you want to hurry.


You wouldn't want to miss out on sitting in your Porsche apartment with your Porsche car, while your feet are swaddled in Porsche shoes, and your wrist is swaddled in a Porsche watch, all while you try to block out the incessant ringing of your Porsche phone.


Move-in is scheduled to begin in 2016.

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