What's The Most Expensive Piece Of Carmaker-Branded Crap?

Since we are now knee-deep in what everyone inoffensively refers to as "the holiday season," let us never forget the real reason these holidays exist in the first place: economic stimulation. Specifically, stuffing our homes full of expensive crap we do not need.

And plenty of expensive crap we do not need comes from automakers, or at least, the companies hawking wares with their brands plastered all over them.


While some of this stuff is perfectly reasonable, like the John Cooper Works dog t-shirt I just bought my chihuahua mix (DON'T JUDGE ME), some of it is absolutely ridiculous in both execution and price. Did you know you could spend $1,914 on a Ferrari sheepskin jacket? Hey, it's made in Italy! Just like a Ferrari!

Right in time for Christmas and whatever else you might celebrate, that's our Question of the Day: What's the most expensive piece of carmaker-branded crap out there?

Two grand for that ugly-ass jacket seems ludicrous to me, but I bet I'm barely scratching the surface. There has to be crazier stuff out there than that. Go nuts!

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