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As if you hadn't already fallen in love with the Porsche 918 Spyder, the automaker announced today that the 887-hp überhybrid knocked out a Nürburgring lap time of 6:57, destroying all other production car lap times. Sehr Gut, fellas.


Because this is the 'Ring, let's get to a few caveats:

  • 1. People generally don't count the Radical SR8 and Radical SR8 LM, which both set faster times (6:55 and 6:48, respectively) because they're scarcely street legal vehicles.
  • 2. There is no real standardization for what a 'Ring lap is, other than the distance. We can assume Porsche cleared the 'Ring, waited for a nice day, and launched the car as many times as they needed.
  • 3. Porsche racer/test driver Mark Lieb was behind the wheel, it was the Weissach version, and they were on Michel Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (this may explain why it's so much faster than the pre-prod version).
  • 4. Who cares? That's so much faster than the Dodge Viper ACR lap of 7:12 it's almost stupid.

The 918 is the new, green King of the 'Ring.

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