Dancing in front of the Ford Mustang is inadvisable and Jalopnik recommends that you do not try this at home.
Gif: Classic Car Channel (YouTube)

“LOOK OUT WORLD! HERE COMES FORD!” The jubilant musical cast of this 1982 Ford Mustang commercial was onto something with this, for sure. It’s as if the writers of this bizarrely prescient jingle could see the Mustang’s future marred by many embarrassing Cars and Coffee wipe-outs. Have a listen!

“Stand back! The streets belong to GT,” indeed! Especially now that we know they’re the yabos most likely to attempt and fail to do a sick burnout at the car meet.


“It’s gonna make it—anywhere we take it!” We know, Ford. We’ve seen them go on curbs, on medians, into bystander areas and trees. The Mustang truly respects no boundaries imposed upon it by mere mortal man. It is here. For us.

“This is a Mustang with a message,” the narrator proclaims. The word has gone around now, happy smiling dancing cast, and we’re afraid. Very afraid.


[H/T r/cars!]

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