Social media is the medium you use to impress acquaintances you haven’t interacted with in years and share that one decent looking pasta dish you managed not to nuke - but that’s not the best part. The most satisfying part of the social media experience by far is that perfectly hilarious, give-no-fucks meme concocted by the nameless Internet rage machine. Here’s what happens when that machine is turned against Ford’s little pony car.

The ubiquitous and fast-selling Ford Mustang has been the butt end of jokes in recent memory because their precocious owners always seem to write checks their asses can’t cash.


Whether it’s the near-countless amount of crashes after leaving meets because burnouts are #life, or car chases that are so insanely executed that they play out like a Tommy Wiseau flick, Ford’s answer to the sports car sure seems like it’s getting all the the flak it can handle.

Here are some of the best memes and videos I’ve come across, as seen in the OppositeTalk Facebook group. Enjoy.

And no meme-centered pseudo-listicle would be complete without a video to round it off, courtesy of Driver Mod TV:

On a lighter note, can anyone figure out why the incident rate of this kind of douchenozzleness is so high, specifically with owners of Ford Mustangs?


I’m a fan of the car and platform, but I’ll be damned if every meet I’ve ever attended hasn’t had issues with those people bouncing off the rev limiter like they’re trying to set a new world record. Thoughts?

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