Run, It's A Mustang!

The tip for this post was “Mustang Driver - New” and I immediately knew what it was without having to watch. This was the second time this happened this weekend. Mustang drivers are a scourge.

I love the description of this video:

At the Lake Forest Sports Cars 2016 Event today and filmed another Mustang Owner crashing. I dont even know why a Mustang was at this kind of event.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it really make a sound? If a Pep-Boy’d-to-shit Mustang doesn’t crash is it really a car meet?

UPDATE: Like Babe Ruth calling his shot, this angle shows a dude accurately calling the Mustang crash and then giggling as this NOPI’d-to-hell ‘Stang fulfills its destiny.

(Hat tip to G. Graddy!)

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Matt, here’s a better video of the accident

Also, should we question John Winky’s life choices if he only likes Megan Fox, Adam Sandler, Oreos, and Coke TWICE?