The Origin Of Lambo Doors

Now installed on everything from European superminis to SEMA tuners, the Lambo-style scissor doors were first featured on Marcello Gandini’s gorgeous 1968 Bertone Carabo concept.

Gandini, perhaps the greatest supercar designer ever, designed the Carabo after he did the classic Miura and before he got to work on the Countach, which was the first production Lamborghini to feature the now iconic doors, suspended precariously from the A-pillars by hydropneumatic struts.


Built on the chassis of Alfa Romeo’s sublime Tipo 33, it was never intended for production, but serves as a great example of the space age of Italian supercar design from the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s.

The car debuted at the 1968 Paris Motor show and sported the Tipo 33’s 2-liter racing V8, which redlined at a cool 8800 rpm.

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