The New Top Gear Premieres On May 29

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How much longer will you have to wait to see Clarkson, May and Hammond—sorry, habit!—I mean Evans, LeBlanc, Harris, Schmitz, Jordan and Reid? Just about two weeks and change.


The BBC announced today that the all-new Top Gear will storm Great Britain’s tellies on Sunday, May 29.


For those of us here in the United States, the show will be on the following day—Monday, May 30—on BBC America.

Here’s what that gets you:

And if you’ve caught up on all the trailers, you’ll know what you can expect to see: a Ferrari F12tdf sliding, an Ariel Nomad jumping, a Dodge Viper and jet fighter racing, and a lead presenter puking. Plus a whole lot more.

A fun time will be had by all. Hopefully.

Your hardworking Jalopnik staff will be liveblogging the U.S. premiere on Monday night, so tune in that evening and watch the show with us. Will it be good? Will it be awful? There is only one way to find out!


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<best Clarkson impersonation>

TOnight! An American movie star becomes a permanent guest. A German woman becomes the best driver on the show. And we try to figure out how to cram the rest of the cast into the episode without just putting them in the back seat of a hot lap like Fifth Gear.