The New Porsche 911 Will Get a Series of Special Editions With Classic Design Touches

Photos: Porsche

The new 992 Porsche 911 will get a series of Heritage Design Packages that pick and choose various style flourishes from 911s of time passed in a series of special editions. And because it wouldn’t be a real special edition without its own watch, the cars are getting matching timepieces, too.

The first of these special heritage 911s has already been shown off as the new 911 Speedster that was revealed at the New York Auto Show this year. However, the rest of the upcoming models won’t all necessarily have such dramatically altered body styles. Instead, they’ll get some vintage flourishes like the Speedster did, just on the standard 911 body.


You know, just a few casual limited edition 911s. Nothing crazy.

The first of those is expected next year, though it’s unclear which classic 911s it will be specifically modeled after. Porsche says it’s pulling interior and exterior materials and colors from classic Porsches ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s, and it sounds like the Heritage Design Packages may spread out over multiple cars for the next few years.

Some of those special materials include the vintage 1970s Porsche emblem, which the next Heritage model will wear on its hood, and as Car and Driver pointed out, interior materials like corduroy, tartan, houndstooth, Pepita, and Pasha are apparent in some of the style book photos included in the press release.


One of the images also shows a concept rendering of a Heritage 992 interior and its direct inspiration, the dashboard of a 1964 model, with wood dashboard trim, meshing well with the inherent throwback aesthetic of the five driver display dials on the new 992.


The cars will be produced in limited numbers with matching Porsche timepieces, and the vehicles are meant to highlight and embrace the contrast between the technological advancement of the modern cars with the style flourishes of the classics.

If it means more houndstooth, crazy carpet and wood dashboards in modern cars, I’m all for it. Even if they’re all going to be stupidly appreciating the moment they’re sold.


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