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The iconic Ford Bronco is coming back, but not just one. There will also be a smaller, more affordable crossover styled after its big SUV sibling that’s been labeled the “Baby Bronco,” and a new trademark filing could suggest it’s actual name may be the Bronco Scout.

According to a trademark registered earlier this month, Ford has claimed the “Scout” and “Bronco Scout” nameplate, as first reported by Auto Verdict. You can access the trademark by searching “Bronco Scout” on the Trademark Electronic Search System here.


Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the International Harvester Scout, which was a competitor to (and predecessor of!) the original Ford Bronco. It’d be kind of dirty for Ford to steal the name for a reportedly unibody crossover slotted under the real Bronco all these years later.

Of course, use of the Scout name on a new Ford vehicle is all speculation at this point. While the registration of “Bronco Scout” makes it seem likely it has to do with the new Escape-sized crossover, Ford is also planning a new pickup truck, as well as a mysterious new “affordable” model.


A Ford spokesperson responded to a request for comment from Autoblog saying, “Trademark applications are intended to protect new phrases, designs or symbols but aren’t necessarily an indication of new business or product plans.” Sure.

Please pray for Andrew Collins and the rest of the International Scout community in these trying times.

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