2020 Ford Baby Bronco: This Could Be It and It’s Super Retro

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For years now we’ve been patiently waiting for Ford to disappoint us with a new generation of the classic Ford Bronco, some watered-down flabby design that won’t match the original’s chunky looks. Well, we were all wrong.


Back in October, Ford held its annual national dealer meeting and showed what was called the “Baby Bronco,” as the Detroit News reported at the time:

Dealers drove the 2019 Ranger in Las Vegas. They saw the new rear-wheel drive Explorer, redesigned Escape, as-yet-unnamed 2020 battery electric vehicle, an unnamed small “rugged” SUV some call the baby Bronco, and the Mustang GT 500.

Ford has been giving us some info on it, that it will be a crossover more than an SUV, and based on the Focus Active platform.

These pics turned up today on Off-Road.com, which claims that they are publically-available Ford photos, though Jalopnik has not been able to track them down:

Found on a publicly accessible part of a Ford website hosting pictures of the 2018 dealer meeting in Las Vegas, these pictures give us a dandy look at the new Bronco.


But it’s the looks that have me amped. It’s like the FJ Cruiser is back, or a Flex that’s not gigantic.

We have reached out to Ford for comment and will update when we hear back.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Leaked image of final production version: