The Most Useless Car Functions

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The 2015 Mini Cooper is here. With it goes the pointless but awesome central speedometer to get replaced by a screen just like on any other car. And it gets worse before it gets better.


I was fine with BMW's Eco Pro mode, I really was. But "consumption-optimized driving fun" in a Mini sound like sex that's actually not going to happen despite all your efforts. The Mini Cooper is a sporty hatchback for crying out loud, it should only do fun one way. By burning through petrol.

Luckily, you press a button, and things get redder immediately.

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While I understand how consumption-optimized driving fun can be useful on a long trip, this still feels like one of those useless car functions people will never use anyway. Many lines of programming wasted right there.

Nevertheless, I'm sure there's worse. Which was the most useless car function you've ever came across?



For me it's cruise control. Never use it, never really have, never really will. It's really not THAT inconvenient to lean my foot on a pedal while -God forbid- driving.