The Most Opulent Luxury Cars Of All Time

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With the Shanghai Auto Show in full swing and China's ever-growing middle and upper classes moving to the forefront, the concept of "luxury" is ruling the day. The thing is, the definition of luxury varies from person to person. Is it classic styling? A smooth ride? A powerful engine? Neat features? Or all of these and more?

The Bugatti Royale was designed to be the epitome of all that was luxurious. Intended for the kings and queens of Europe, only six were produced. Luckily all six survived, but as 25 were planned and a few more engines than that were built, some motors ended up in French railcars. That being said, the Royales were huge, and are still some of the largest cars produced to this day. With 12.7 liter straight-8 engines, they also had quite a good hustle. So valued were the Royales that one was even bricked up during World War II to prevent it falling into Nazi hands.


So what's your idea of luxury? Is it motorized seats in the back of your Ssangyong? Or is it the cushy ride of a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado? Show us in the comments!

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