Eagle-eyed reader Ryan S spotted a flatbed tow truck with some very rare cargo en route to the New York Auto Show: the Lyons Streamliner supercar, or at least some likely not-so-self-propelled version of the car. Looks like we better get back to the show!


Now, I’m pleased to see that this thing exists in at least some fashion, but this doesn’t really change my skepticism about the car’s likelihood to ever make it to production. In my article, I said that

My guess is that it, at best, will be some sort of dramatic-looking body over a conventional chassis and that’ll be pretty much it.

... so I’m curious to see how on/off the mark I was. It looks like whatever “standards of the founders” that weren’t met have been taken care of, so it should be good to really get a look at this alleged 1700 HP, 290 MPH beast in person.


I wonder if the puzzling and seemingly ill-considered all-RF wireless electrical system is in place, too. We should bring a portable radio to see just how much RF this thing is putting out if it is. Also, we should probably keep our staff members with pacemakers (which is like half of us) away.


Skeptical or not, I’m really pleased to see that this exists in our grim, messy reality. This should keep things interesting.

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