The Lincoln Aviator Has Heated Wiper Blades But Let Me Ask You This: Why Not Just Make The Whole Car Heated?

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The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a car Lincoln makes. You can buy it if you live in a warm climate and you can buy it if you live in a cold climate. But if you live in a cold place, where snow and ice are common occurrences in the winter, Lincoln’s solution to make things a little easier is heated wiper blades. Cool! But, Lincoln, let me ask you this. Why didn’t you just heat the whole car?


The wiper blade system is called Advanced VisioBlade and is intended to keep windshields free of icy buildup and dirt, according to a press release. It does this by squirting wiper fluid through integrated nozzles that are in the flat blades. Unlike traditional cars that dispense wiper fluid from a jet in front of the windshield, these nozzles spray in front of the blade, which apparently uses half the amount of fluid but distributes it more efficiently.

These fancy blades also have a heating element to them, so you won’t have to be as conscious of parking overnight with them pulled up so they don’t get frozen over the next morning. Lincoln’s own testing shows these blades can heat up from below-freezing temperatures to 86 degrees Fahrenheit in just four minutes.

So, yes, your windshield can now clear more quickly, giving you your forward visibility back so much more rapidly. Supposedly.

But then there’s still the issue of snow and ice buildup on the side windows, rear window, roof, and mirrors. Does Lincoln really expect its customers to brush off the snow and ice themselves? When the car already has a fancy wiper system that can clear off the windshield? And we’ve all seen the idiots on who don’t bother to clear the snow off the tops of their cars. You don’t want your customers to be guilty of this, do you, Lincoln?

Heated wiper blades, great. Why not just make the whole car heated? Just have little heaters everywhere that’ll heat the car from subfreezing temperatures to 86 degrees Fahrenheit in four minutes. Melt that ice and snow off. Connect it to the car’s remote-start system so people don’t even have to wait in the cold while this happens. They can keep going about their morning routines.

Build the Aviator. Build it stronger. Hotter.

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So, basically, instead of just putting a heating element under the wipers like Subaru they’ve made the most frequently replaced part on the car significantly more expensive?