This Is Why You Always, Always Clear The Snow Off Your Car's Roof

This dashcam video shows what can go wrong if you’re lazy and you don’t clear that huge block of snow and ice off of the roof of your car—it can fly off and crush the car behind you.

The poor Saab driving behind one such lazy driver had its windshield smashed in while the driver was distracted by a riveting discussion of the dangers of ISIS.

Indeed, ice is the greatest threat to America at the moment. Or at least our windshields.


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Earthbound And Down

The excuse I get from a lot of people is, “Well I don’t want to scrape my brush all over the car and ruin the paint.” Bitch, you bought a depreciating asset; stop trying to act like it’s a vital component of your Vanguard account.

I have a brand new car, and the instant the first snow came down, my shit was powder-free from top to bottom.

I doubt anyone will nitpick your janky-ass E38’s roof when you go to sell it for five bucks and a pack of American Spirits.